Artist of the Week (Monday – 6/24/13)

Our band of the week is Fly Kite Canvas from Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Fly Kite CanvasThe origins of the band now known as Fly Kite Canvas can be traced back to the fall of 2009. Comprised of friends Chris Cooney (vocals/keyboard), Donald Larson (guitar), Jacob Telford (bass/vocals) and Zack Rego (drums), the band performed under the name Scarlet, and quickly gained a local following with their unique sound and fresh compositions, profoundly mature for a band of such a young age. They remained active for the rest of their high school years, releasing an EP in the summer of 2010, and continuing to win over audiences show after show.

When it came time for college, rather than parting ways, the band stuck together, sacrificing their weekends for practices and gigs. Since then, their dedication has not wavered. Countless hours of writing, practicing, and performing has only strengthened the dynamic of the young quartet.

With a sound that’s as imaginative and colorful as the name its given, Fly Kite Canvas combines powerful, tightly wound instrumentals with passionate vocals, creating songs that are inherently interesting and honest, sure to resonate with any listener. With a brand new release on the way, 2013 looks to be a promising year for this young group of musicians.

2012 95.5 WBRU Rock Hunt Semi-Finalists
2013 90.7 WXIN Rock Hunt Semi-Finalists
Recent winners a The Rhode Show contest. They’ll have a track appearing in a Cardis Furniture commercial.

When Fly Kite Canvas won the 2013 Rhode Show Big Break Contest. This song was featured in a Cardis’ Furniture commercial that aired during the American Idol finale. It also their first official release under their new name.

Artist of the Week (Monday – 6/17/13)

The first official “Artist of the Week” is brown bird from Rhode Island.

brown bird“Thomas Paine once said, ‘reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it’. Brown Bird’s new self-produced release, Fits of Reason, raises its hat to Mr. Paine in a flurry of cerebral themes that surface in the album’s eleven songs.

The band’s two members, David Lamb and MorganEve Swain, continue to build their sound from the foundations of blues and American roots music, utilizing the simple foot-percussion, violin, cello and upright bass that they have become known for, while expanding Swain’s vocal presence and flaunting Lamb’s lyrical mastery. Recorded in their home-state of Rhode Island at Machines With Magnets, Fits of Reason is inspired by the writings of Omar Khayyam, Christopher Hitchens, and Plato, among others, and grapples with the human condition in a smooth but unapologetic departure from the band’s previous release, Salt for Salt. With the introduction of electric guitar, electric bass, and a more prominent display of the band’s Middle Eastern, metal, and psych-rock influences, Fits of Reason delves into heavier territory and invites the listener to hear with discerning ears.”

As many of you know, David has recently been diagnosed with a serious illness and has found himself not only coping with the disease, but the also the medical bills that accompany it. Please head over to their page and buy some of their band merch. Get some great music, support a great band, and help a great man.

You can catch Brown Bird on tour in Boston on June 27 at Brighton Music Hall. Please check their page for more tour dates.