The first Midday Social was a smashing success!

The Midday Social The first Midday Social, a music related networking event, was held at Platforms Nightclub in Providence, RI on Thursday March 14, 2013. We are proud to announce it was a HUGE success. We’d like to thank Scarpetti from 94 HJY, Pal from, and Brian Poillucci of Evo Audio Group for speaking at the event. We’d also like to thank the mighty Chris Masson for his talents and for performing.

The place was packed and we had folks from all across New England in attendance. We had musicians of all genres. We had commercial, college, and Internet radio stations and personalities, music journalists and bloggers, promoters and talent buyers photographers, graphic designers, entertainment attorneys and artist managers, indie record labels, recording studios, and many more!

We are already planning our next event. We have many new ideas on how to make the next one bigger and better! We’d like to have more radio personalities, record labels, entertainment attorneys, and even festival coordinators, etc… If you are anyway related to the music industry please email [email protected] to learn how to get involved.

Some updates and changes we are working on for the next event include having color coordinated name badges that look like backstage passes. The system will be simple. For example, we may have a blue pass indicate a radio personality, red a promoter, green a journalist, yellow a musician/band, etc… This will make it easier for folks to network. For example, if you’re an artist looking to put your CD in the hands of radio stations you’ll simply look across the crowd to see all the blue backstage passes.

We’ll also have a segment where we’ll allow folks to get on the mic with the following format: “Hi, my name is____. I’m with ____. And I’m looking to meet ____. Come talk to me.”

We’re going to open up the back of the venue and put more tables to allow you folks (bands included) to set up merch and swag. Promoters can even set up a table with their calendars and book bands right on the spot.

We’ll have food at the next event. Possibly a cookout style hamburger and hotdog set up. We’ll have a food bracelet you’ll be able to purchase for a small price and eat as much as you’d like for the night.

We’ll also have a separate raffle section. You’ll will be able to enter into specific, individuals raffles. The raffles will be 50/50. 50 percent will go to help support the artist who donated the item and 50 percent will go to help cover costs of the event.

And we’ll have Narragansett beer this time along with other drink specials.

These are just some of the ideas we have to improve the event. We’ll continue to play music over the house system from the artists in attendance (Though, we’ll have a dedicated DJ for this.) And we’ll have more talented acoustic musicians performing. And, of course, this will remain a FREE event.

Be sure to like our facebook pages for future updates. The Midday Social and Midday Records.

The Invasion Was A Success!

What a fantastic night of music at The Spot Underground in Providence, RI for Midday Records invades 990WBOB.COM‘s Mondays on Blast! The Naked Stills kicked off the night with an amazing set! Followed by The Deep North who have one of the most beautiful sounds we’ve ever heard. The Deep North will also be competing in this years Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble! Next, we had some hilarious stand up comedy. And then Move In Stereo played a killer set! Unfortunately, we hadn’t realized I’d be hosting Move In Stereo’s last show. Lastly, Josh Willis closed the night with a solo acoustic performance with a great story tellers vibe. We can all relate to having a track where “half the song was written over 6 years ago”.

Thanks to 990Wbob and The Spot Underground for allowing us to bring in some great out of town artists. All of which can be found on the New England Indie Alt Rock compilation series. Download them for free a The next Midday takeover will be April 15th with AVOXBLUEAndré Obin,stereo telescope, and Silent Approach (Formerly The Difference Engine).

Please like each of these artists pages. And continue to check out these weekly Mondays on Blast events! You can hear a rebroadcast of last nights show at

New England Indie Alt Rock Series V is now Available!

Series V

Series V

New England Indie Alt Rock – Series V in now available. Download it for FREE here! Featuring tracks from Kingsley FloodHere We Just DreamPretty & NiceSlowdim, Spirit KidSkinny BonesGrandEvolutionWar Games, Loud ClappersBent KneeMorris & The East CoastGhost of RoryThe Appreciation PostNaked On Roller SkatesPaper Hill Casket CompanyThe Lonely Machines, A Do, The Vital Might, Ellis, and Far Off Place.  Cover artwork by Tim Batty.

Midday Records Invades’s Mondays on Blast @ The Spot Underground – Providence, RI

The Naked Stills | The Deep North | Move In Stereo
@ The Spot Underground – Providence, RI
Starts at 9:00 PM | FREE Show!

Every Monday holds a weekly event at The Spot Underground in Providence, RI called, “Mondays On Blast”. They bring you the best musical and comedic acts New England has to offer. They also air/stream the entire event live and it’s always FREE!

How could this get any better you may ask? Midday Records is taking over “Mondays On Blast” and bringing you some of the amazing bands from our New England Indie Alt Rock compilation series, as well as other great artists!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Acts & Set Times:

9:15pm – The Naked Stills

9:45pm – The Deep North

10:15pm – Comedy

10:45pm – Move In Stereo

The Spot Underground
101 Richmond Street
Providence, RI 02903

Midday Records

The Spot Underground

The Midday Social: A Music Networking Event For All Genres – Providence, RI

165 Poe Street | Providence, RI 02905
Event Page:

NEW ENGLAND BANDS, MUSICIANS, And ARTISTS! Come meet and network with representatives from 94 HJY, 95.5 WBRU, 100.7 WZLX, 90.7 WXIN, 91.5 WMFO,, The Steve Katsos Show, Limelight Magazine, Golocalprov, and Motif Magazine and others! Meet new local promoters, photographers, artists and graphic designers, venue reps, and other artists/bands!

The Midday Social

We’re excited to bring you the first “Midday Social“. This event will be held at Platforms Nightclub on Poe Street in Providence, RI on Thursday, March 14th. We will start promptly at 7:00 PM. We are not having full bands perform. Instead, we will be playing a mix of music from the bands in attendance over the house system with acoustic performances by Chris Masson throughout the night. This is a free event.

This will be an opportunity for musicians and industry professionals to make new connections. Bands/artists are encouraged to bring press kits. This event is open to all genres across New England. It will be a great opportunity to network both within your own backyard and across state lines. We’ve put tother a fantastic panel of industry professionals that will speak briefly, followed by a short Q & A.

There will also be raffles with a mix of swag from various bands, vendors, and media. There is also a full bar. Drink Special: Half off first drink & 3 dollar Bud Lights.

If you are a music blogger, radio personality, talent buyer, promoter, photographer, web designer, graphic designer, recording studio, journalist, apparel company, etc. we’d love to have you in attendance, Please contact [email protected] to discuss your involvement.

BANDS/MUSICIANS do NOT need to “apply”. Just show up!


Each guest will speak for about 10 minutes and then they’ll be a short Q & A. Each guest brings something different to the discussion.

95.5 WBRU – Eliza Soros & Abigail Cain – Commercial Radio/DJ
Eliza & Abigail are the Local Music Directors for the station.

– Steve Scarpetti – 94 HJY – Commercial Radio/DJ
(Part of the Charles Show, host of the Metal Zone, and host of Sound Check.)
– Steve is prepared to discuss what he looks for when deciding if a track is radio ready.

– John Laurenti – 100.7 WZLX – Commercial Radio/DJ
In addition to WZLX, John spent many years over at 94 HJY and has worked with various media/radio outlets in MA and RI throughout the years.
– John is prepared to discuss the current state of radio and labels, and how a band can properly market themselves.

– Pal Azio – – Internet Radio/DJ
– Pal will discuss some do’s and don’ts for up and coming artists.

– Josh Willis – Rep for The Spot Underground – Venue
– Josh will give bands tips on booking and building relationships with venues.

– Brian Poillucci – EVO Audio Group – Engineer
– Brian Poillucci will discuss recording tips that will save time and money for artists, such as the importance of pre-production.

– Darcie Nicole – Music Business Consultant
– Darcie Nicole will discuss the importance of copyrights and matters of intellectual property.

– Jessica A. Botelho | Limelight Magazine
– Jessica is prepared to discuss what makes for a good interview and how a band/artist can use an article or interviews to promote themselves.


Here’s a list of the representatives that will be in attendance. We’ll continue to update this as more folks get involved. (We are not listing the bands.)

94 HJY | Scarpetti – Commercial Radio/DJ
Part of the Charles Show, host of the Metal Zone, and host of Sound Check.

John Laurenti – 100.7 WZLX – Commercial Radio/DJ
In addition to WZLX, John spent many years over at 94 HJY and has worked with various media/radio outlets in MA and RI throughout the years.

The Steve Katsos Show – Mick Greenwood – TV
Filmed in New England the show reaches 12 countries and 15 million homes every week.

90.7 WXIN – FM | Rhode Island College Radio

Crystal Margolis – Twenty Seven Entertainment – Management Crystal also worked for many years at WAAF and for the past 8 years at Radio 92.9.

Marcus Ohanesian | Honor Roll Booking/Management & Perfect Evolution Designs

Shawn Sixx of Hails and Horns Magazine, AMP Magazine, and CBS Radio, Boston.

Limelight Magazine – Jessica Botelho – Magazine
In addition to being managing editor for Limelight, Jessica writes for several newspapers.

Rock Karma Promotions | Lisa “Rock Karma” Tiley & Mike Headbanging – Promoter & Talent Buyer (Simon’s 677) | Rob Duguay – Music Journalist | George Nasser – Music Blog/Site

The Dweezil Show on 91.5 FM WMFO | Phil Fleming | College Radio

Midday Records | Davey Moore & Mark Charron – Record Label
(Also representing the New England Indie Alt Rock fest, The Midday Social and New England Indie Alt Rock radio show/podcast)

The Spot Underground | Josh Willis – Providence Venue

24 Hour Music Project | Kim Giggles – Non-Profit Events

Rambudikon Promotions | Mike Spaziano – Promoter

Motif Magazine | Marc Clarkin – Music Journalist

Jay Palmari – Promoter/Talent Buyer for Columbus Club, Dive Bar and Dusk. Owner of Blood Drive Co-Op | LIsa & Ken Cote – Photography, Videography & Music Blog

Darcie Nicole – Music Business Consultant

Tony Jones of 1320 WARL AM, and The Tony Jones Show – DJ

Brian Bardsley Photography | Brian Bardsley – Photographer

EVO Audio Group – Recording Studio/Audio Production | Brian Poillucci – Recording Studio – Live Audio

Metal Fridays at Tusk – Newport, RI Venue | Pal Azio & Crew – Internet Radio

Siren Photography | Caitlin Indermaur – Photographer

BB Entertainment | Nina Mccarthy – Promoter

Metal Cage | Rick Craige – Metal Music Blog

Inner Child Studios | April Stelzmann – Photographer

Caitlin Sherlock Photography – Photographer

GKH Pics – Photographer

Tim Batty – Artist


Musical Performances By:

Chris Masson